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  Welcome to the Donghaixian of China crystal wholesale network, specializing in selling natural crystal ornaments, agate, jade, natural stone and so on, I wish you a happy shopping.
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   Dear friends, we are located in donghai county crystal China wholesale market,the world's natural crystal distribution center), specializing in natural crystal business, the original stone and furnishing articles, etc. species include natural agate, jade, natural stone, colorful gems, welcome choose and buy our production.
Special explanation: natural crystal inevitably has frost crack and cotton wool, this is the basic characteristic of natural crystal. Delivery mode: iF foreign customers have no special instructions, we will deliver the goods by sf-express delivery. Remittance: suggest using alipay, WeChat, or bank transfer.
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Popular natural crystal jewelry
  • The high-grade red agate pendant

    The high-grade red agate

    610 RMB

  • The horse fly car hanging buckle

    The horse fly car hangin

    215 RMB

  • Natural color ring Crystal Flower Bracelet

    Natural color ring Cryst

    365 RMB

  • Fine natural tea crystal ball

    Fine natural tea crystal

    935 RMB

  • Argentina red stone ring

    Argentina red stone ring

    320 RMB

  • The high-grade natural white crystal ingot seven array

    The high-grade natural w

    299 RMB

  • Moonstone Bracelet

    Moonstone Bracelet

    995 RMB

  • Large gourmet natural agate lotus Buddha beads

    Large gourmet natural ag

    1560 RMB

  • Ice dragon with crystal

    Ice dragon with crystal

    645 RMB

  • The value of titanium crystal manual

    The value of titanium cr

    1285 RMB

Natural crystal jewelry wholesale
  • Natural beeswax Pendant

    Natural beeswax Pendant

    8500 RMB

  • Natural agate chess

    Natural agate chess

    780 RMB

  • Old material sugalite royal purple manual

    Old material sugalite ro

    6200 RMB

  • Natural ox horns cup

    Natural ox horns cup

    185 RMB

  • 150 kg of Brazil Amethyst cornucopia

    150 kg of Brazil Amethys

    68000 RMB

  • Natural Jasper Bracelet

    Natural Jasper Bracelet

    3850 RMB

  • Natural yellow crystal Avalokiteshvara Pendant

    Natural yellow crystal A

    1150 RMB

  • Natural milk white crystal pendant

    Natural milk white cryst

    780 RMB

  • Emerald pure silver necklace

    Emerald pure silver neck

    1650 RMB

  • Natural emerald collarbone Necklace

    Natural emerald collarbo

    1050 RMB

  • Natural Sapphire Necklace

    Natural Sapphire Necklac

    1650 RMB

  • Amazonite leopard Peony Flower Bracelet

    Amazonite leopard Peony

    1200 RMB

Hot product display
  • Green ghost crystal Guanyin master AAA

    Green ghost crystal Guan

    4850 RMB

  • The best silver crystal pendant Hu

    The best silver crystal

    3560 RMB

  • Best of the Warring States red toad Pendant

    Best of the Warring Stat

    1680 RMB

  • The natural red crystal ornaments toad AAA

    The natural red crystal

    2800 RMB

  • High-grade Emerald Bracelet

    High-grade Emerald Brace

    1665 RMB

  • The best elephant natural agate ornaments

    The best elephant natura

    895 RMB

  • The best Czech meteorite Samantabhadra Pendant

    The best Czech meteorite

    660 RMB

  • The best green tourmaline tower Chain Necklace

    The best green tourmalin

    9800 RMB

  • Mens White rabbit hair crystal bracelet AAA

    Mens White rabbit hair c

    3190 RMB

  • The best yellow crystal yellow Mammon Pendant

    The best yellow crystal

    1480 RMB

  • Super Brazil Amethyst Bracelet FREE

    Super Brazil Amethyst Br

    1850 RMB

  • Multicolored tourmaline fine drum Bead Bracelet

    Multicolored tourmaline

    5570 RMB

  • Super man green ghost Bracelet

    Super man green ghost Br

    9480 RMB

  • The titanium crystal bracelet

    The titanium crystal bra

    62600 RMB

  • The Natural Red Coral Bracelet

    The Natural Red Coral Br

    12800 RMB

Hot concern about natural rock crystal
Boutique recommendation
  • High-grade green tourmaline stone column

    High-grade green tourmal


  • Natural citrine men's glasses

    Natural citrine men's gl


  • Transport of natural gold ornaments ghost dance

    Transport of natural gol


  • Gourmet tea crystal column popular promotion

    Gourmet tea crystal colu


  • The natural black tourmaline crystal chapter material

    The natural black tourma


  • The high-grade natural white crystal glue flower ornaments

    The high-grade natural w


  • High-grade agate lucky draw Basin

    High-grade agate lucky d


  • Obsidian four Pyramid ornaments

    Obsidian four Pyramid or


  • Gourmet tea crystal ornaments, carved pieces of Guan Gong

    Gourmet tea crystal orna


  • Natural amethyst mountain tiger carved pieces

    Natural amethyst mountai


  • The value of Muyu stone teapot

    The value of Muyu stone


  • Collectible coke flower crystal lion

    Collectible coke flower


  • Super longevity agate carving

    Super longevity agate ca


  • High quality Amethyst hole

    High quality Amethyst ho


  • Natural white ghost tower of Wenchang

    Natural white ghost towe


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